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Chaos of Creativity

Being creative is not neat. It is not tidy. There is no linear circuit or smooth straight pass on the road to imagination. It is messy-much like a teenager's room with the rumpled bed, hidden Twinkies, beloved stuffed animals, loud music, secret diaries with tiny keys and your favorite faded jeans rescued from mom's ironing board. My writing room (which I share with my husband Rick, who is also a writer) is stuffed with piles of books and magazines, file cabinets, two computers, two printers, cork boards covered with writing charts, cards and colorful fantasy/science fiction prints. My desk is clogged with overstuffed notes and chapter drafts, little dragons and pewter figurines of sorceresses and stuffed animals. Stacks of Cd's teeter by the stereo to provide inspirational music for battle scenes. But it is within this condensed madness that my mind flows clear. It is my imagination wellspring that draws out of stories I type out, even when my cat Duncan insists on he

Chris Speakman's Review of Gate of Souls

Hello Familiar's Tale Friends! Here is the link to Chris Speakman's review of Gate of Souls, A Familiar's Tale, Book One, I will probably read it over and over, eating drobba until reality slaps me back to my writing.

Dragons and Critics

What a summer! My editing with my publisher, Joe Dickerson of HD-Image, has been moving along for release of Tree of Bones. I am also heavy into writing "Fires of Rapiveshta," the third entry into my Familiar's Tale series. Fires of Rapiveshta storyline involves the dragons of my world. In the prologue of Tree of Bones, you get some cool dragon action though. I have so many ideas buzzing in my characters outlines that I am dying to tell you, but I must keep things underwrap for now. I did have a recent wonderful and unexpected review on my book Gate of Souls. Chris Speakman just reviewed by book and I am amazed how much she loved my book. Usually my publisher and friends sings my praises, which yes I love it, but when someone you do not know praises you, it is a special warm and fuzzy feeling. Much like Mellypip after eating a yummy drobba snack. Thank you Chris, and I promise you will not be disappointed in the coming books in my Familiar's Tale series. W