Monday, January 18, 2010

Wicked, Bothered, and Blue

Hello all. I am in the trenches of writing Fires of Rapiveshta. The third "Familiar's Tale" novel will have return of our favorite characters, and the addition of a few new characters-both good and evil. The second is very close to coming to book form once my editor Joe and I fine tune the last few chapters before he sends it to print. I long to revel in telling you about some of those characters in Tree of Bones, the second book. But we must be patient. It is a process that involves more than writing and proofing for boo boos. There is much back and forth communication between my editor and myself, though his points are more about tiny bits of editing that slip by and very minor corrections. But even he noted many times my wicked characters are the most fun and need the least the editing. The only exception to that is a new strong but good character added to the series in book 2 named Grimm Darkrunner, which I cannot wait for you to read. He is currently my editors new favorite character. But I must not say more for now. :)
It is strange that despite my objective of writing fantasy where good triumphs and even kicks ass, I always have more fun with my "wicked" characters and they are the easiest for me to write as well.
I hope that does not reflect something bad about my "character." I also hate it when the good guys are too passive. Heroes should never be wimps. What's your opinion?
Still, starting a novel is the toughest thing, even though the whole book is in your head- like mine often are. Whole chapters of my story flood through my mind complete with dialogue, technicolor with cool special effects and a stimulating soundtrack. But it is those first words, that portion in the genesis of the novel that will hopefully bind the reader to continue, is hardest for me to formulate to my satisfaction. I am never happy with it, no matter what. It can get depressing-and as a writer depression is always ever looming.
Still, I feel that once I can get through the first chapter, it gets easier, and past chapter three I am on a roll. Then I go into hyper drive for several chapters. I never start any book without knowing exactly how it will end, and once I know what the last dialogue or scene is in my head, it all flows like a river. With Familiar's Tale, I know how the entire series of four books will play out and the fate of almost all my characters. I find that a few are in flux, not fixed in the storyline's fates, but there is usually a reason for that. It will open to me when it is ready.
Back to work. It is raining outside and I have my third cup of coffee. Time to write.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Doctor Who-Farewell David Tennant

Alas a sad day, for I watched the final David Tennant Doctor Who episode tonight. I have been a great fan of Dr. Who since I stumbled across it on PBS long ago (The Tom Baker era) and have thoroughly enjoyed this new incarnation of Who, begun by the wonderful Christopher Eccelston in first season, then carried by the remarkable and energetic David Tennant (who needs to diet with Who-all that running from monsters and you get all the cardio in the galaxy following him around). The incredible writing and wonderful enthusiasm of David Tennant's Dr. Who has kept me enthralled and joyous, terrified and tearful. The show was a bit darker, but just enough to give it texture. Tennant's Who is a rare gem, not only in the Doctor Who universe, but should be a template for all science fiction and fantasy on television. Farewell David-I shall miss you.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hail New Year 2010 and fresh shiny new beginnings. I feel very perky, but then I did not drink last night. Despite my wild Irish/Scottish DNA -I did not drink on New Year's Eve. Alas, when I gave up smoking four years ago drinking has never been the same. I did salute the new year in with a champagne glass brimming with Perrier. My naughty indulgences were in form of chocolate yummies. But I am on diet as part of new resolutions, and am learning to make my treats low fat style.
But on to more productive endeavors-I hope my editor Joe views this-Happy New Year and please send more chapters for me to polish for Tree of Bones novel.
I am antsy to get my second book in Familiar's Tale series out to my eager readers. We are so very close to completion before it goes to print. I am brimming with revisions to perfect my novel too. It is very much like evolution, it never ceases, no matter how often you type "the end" at the bottom of the page. It can always be improved and tightened.
Am slaving away on book 3, Fires of Rapiveshta. It has dragons and I love dragons. I am hoping my interpretation is original too. I have added new characters, both good and evil.
I feel positive about this new year. Another reason I avoided drinking is that my mind was buzzing.
I planned and plotted instead, like an super villain after a fateful lab accident. But fear not, for my plans are benevolent. Well, most of them are. :)
Being a writer is very strange, you get sloth-like or lazy, or you are manic and chained to the computer typing at light speed. I'm working out some new stories away from Familiar's Tale. Not sure if it will be in novel or short story form. I am feeling very primal. I feel stoked by old style fantasy of pure imagination. I see images of barbarians with sharp swords on dusty plains, sultry witches walking in shadows, and monsters crunching bones in dank caves.
Well, cheers to all.