Monday, May 14, 2012

Once Upon A Time Rules!

Okay, I will admit it.  I am am avid watcher of the TV show "Once Upon a Time."   That and Lost Girl are my 2 current favorites next to Game of Thrones. 
I love fairy tales-though the more earthy versions rather than fluffy Disney.  I do not hate Disney-but they often soften the fairy tales and make them too sparkly.  Once Upon a Time put the hearty grit back in the fairy tale.  It is the best thing to hit regular network television in years.  The season one finale last night was a rush of what the events that spiraled into a smashing finale   that left me satisfied-you know, like had some amazing cheesy pizza followed by chocolate cake feeling of satisfaction.  Warning-if you did not watch last night's season 1 finale, be warned of spoilers ahead.

1.  I loved that Emma finally got it-the curse  is real!  Am not sure what its was about the book that broke her blind spot-but I don't care.  Awareness on Emma is a great new look.  They had dumbed her down for so long I was beginning to wonder of the peroxide had fried her brain cells.  Don't get me wrong-I love Emma and she finally got to roll with some street smart and swift actions (I loved it when she roughed up Regina in the hospital closet) and inherited bravery skills (throwing sword at fire-breathing dragon.) That was so cool.  It was also great she tried to shoot the dragon until she realized it was not working. 
2.  Thinking her Henry was dead, Emma kissed him with true love's kiss and woke him up-I cheered!   And when it broke the curse on the rest of the town-I hit the ceiling.  Yeah!
3.  Hunstman in Flashback-we missed you!  It was a great tribute to fans and show they brought him back to help Prince Charming escape and find Snow White.
4.  Regina-I love to hate her.  Cudos to this great actress for creating a yummy wicked queen with issues.
5.  Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin-Dear Heavens, I feel about Robert Carlyle they way I do about John Noble (another amazing actor they should honor with gifts daily).  Carlyle is a brilliant actor who plays the double role with such brilliance that if they do not hand him multiple emmys and golden globes on a golden platter (Gold will not accept a silver platter)  there is no justice! He is so astounding! 
6.  I love Ginnifer Goodwin's dual role.  Her Mary Margaret was so passive but she was starting to get spunky.  Her scenes with David/James were always a treat. her scenes with Emma too.  The bond was there, subtle but undeniable.  Her Snow White is incredible!  Snow White is my favorite fairy tale- so her role means a lot to me.  Seeing her and James reunite when their memories were restored was a great pay off to fans.  I think we all did the happy dance.
7.  The mysterious purple smoke-is it bringing magic to Storybrooke??? What is Gold up to?  Seeing him reunite with Belle made me feel compassion for Gold because he does love Belle, which is a testament to the strength of the actor.  His character's motives are tricky and I cannot wait to find out what happens next.  Fall is so far away!

I could go on, but this was one of the best season finales EVER!  I hope they do not reset the curse though.  it would be more interesting to have all these people from fairy tale land living  in Storybrooke with their memories intact trying to figure out what to do next and how to get back home-or maybe some want to stay.  There are so many levels.  And-if magic comes to Storybrooke instead of a reset curse, even better because Regina would have her magic too.  Without the magic, let's face it, now that the inhabitants of Strorybrooke know what is happening and who Regina really is, Regina would be torn to pieces without magic to protect her.   No-things must shift to a new level and I hope that is what the writers are planning.  It could get even more interesting (if that is possible) if they go that way.  The dynamics of the town would shift to some great new levels.

There are many more mysteries too solve and many morwe great flashbacks galore they can do-how do James and Snow defeat the evil queen and James' faux king father?  They did not kill him because he ended up in Storybrooke as a lawyer.  When does Snow realize that Regina killed her father?  What happened to Regina's mother and where did she get her magic (Rumplestiltskin maybe?).  I often imagine Cora pushing an overstuffed grocery cart Storybrooke, a homeless and smelly  crazy woman who sleeps in alleys and likes cheap wine.  But who knows?  Maybe Regina killed her to get her magic?  And maybe some of the townfolk can tell Emma their stories. 

Where was Belle living after Rumpelstiltskin sent her away?  Plus, how are people going to interact in Storybrooke?  Will they get their magic back too or will it be just Gold and Regina?  Who is Henry's father?  Can they save August?   Plus, so many issues of separation and resentment-it is a emotional feast waiting to be written.   And there is room for more new stories as well as some reunions in Storybrooke-both good and bad.  I can't wait!  Will James and Snow become joint-mayors?  Will Grumpy find his true love again now that he knows who he is?  And there are oodles of fairy tale characters with stories to tell.  Will they remember their earthly skills now that their memories are reset back to normal?  The possibilities are endless, along with the great archetype of the reluctant hero (Emma) who had to deal with her own sword in the stone and  accept her destiny as a hero.

Just a footote, though Jennifer Morrison is gorgeous and rocks the long blonde hair, it would be interesting to see her change along with her new acceptance as savior and tough heroine-maybe go back to a natural shade of brunette (ala House) and maybe even cut it (not short, but less crazy wild beach blonde)-I could see her with some red hair in a slightly shorter but still long do.  A new look for a new woman who now knows she was not just a piece of unwanted garbag left on a roadside.  She is a Princess with a destiny.  She is loved and wanted.  Like her parents, she has a kingdom to save and a child to love.
I relish the opportunity for change and transformation here.  I hope the writers do in season 2 what they did in season 1 and continue with developing storylines and characters.  I can see a solid good 5 seasons of OUaT.  And I will buy each season in dvd with cheery glee as long as they keep it up.

I would love to write for this show.  Just one script.  It would be great.  A girl can dream you know.