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Norwescon 45 & The Bastard Sorceress News!

  I'll BE AT NORWESCON 45! This year I will be hanging out with my publisher at the TANSTAAFL Press trable in the dealer's room on Saturday, April 8. Feel free to drop by! I am happy to answer author questions & signh books. Hope to see you there/ NORWESCON@ DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Seattle Airport 18740 International Blvd, Seattle, WA 98188 THE BASTARD SORCERESS NEWS! The Bastard Sorceress Free Book Promo Offer  So much news to unpack. First, TANSTAAFL Press is offering  a special free book promo for The Bastard Sorceress free until April 2nd. Take advantage of this book promo and get The Bastard Sorceress today!    Amazon This kindle book is free on Amazon March 29-April 2. Enjoy the magic. The Bastard Sorceress reaches bestseller status on Amazon! I'm thrilled to share that my novel,  The Bastard Sorceress, reached bestseller status on Amazon Kindle. I feel grateful because of the promo,my publisher offered, it encouraged curious reade

Baby dragons, March word battle, & writer wisdom on marketing

  Baby Dragons Who doesn't love magical animals? I use them a great deal in my books & stories. Rory, the baby pukis dragon, is one of the stars in The Bastard Sorceress . I find animal characters to be relatable and fun. With dragons, unicorns, perytons, gryphons, and animal famliars of all kinds, I will never run out of story ideas. Rory (pictured above thanks to my publisher, Tom Gondolfi of TANSTAAFL Press) has his very own promo ad where he tells his side of the story. You can buy The Bastard Sorceress on Amazon @ March Word Battle   How many words am I writing a day? The word battle can make you crazy. War Poet is flowing. The novel is entering the danger phase for my characters. I mean, there have been challenges. It would be dull without threats to my precious characters. New kingdoms to explore. The Siabur, Fallon Gansis, is closing in on our heroine, Rose Greenleaf. Why does he want her rhapsode' magic? The Goblin War is taking a toll in