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Novel Born

Greetings Friends,   As summer rolls in, I am about to start my most intense period of writing.  I am intent on finishing at least one solid draft of one novel-and maybe getting half way through another.  They are from different fantasy series so that should be interesting.  In the world of the novelist, it is a lonely place.  I often feel a lot like the wolf in this photo-all alone in the bleak forest.    After many volumes of notes and making various drafts on characters and your world (especially if it is a secondary world-my go to place for novels) there comes a time to get serious-and do it.   It means walking to my computer and actually writing.  It is a marvelous thing-to create the novel, give birth to new fantasy tales and characters.  It is also maddening.   The mind-set of a writer is not like most people.  We are strange lone wolves, set  apart and often misunderstood.  This is fine.  I do not mind being different. It makes me what I am.  A writer.  So I will try to