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New Short Story in Mystic Signals in Print!!

Hello!  My new short story, "The Forest Paradox," is in the new Mystic Signals magazine issue #7.  It is a print issue, so below are the links for ordering the magazine.  If you would like to order copies – please use one of these links: or I am loving Seattle and writing.  Looking forward to Steamcon this year, where I will be on some panels and promoting my novels.  Have a great weekend.  Talk to you soon.

Desperate Barabrians Are Back!

Hello all. I just wanted to let you know that I have a new short story posted for your fun reading on my website. It is called Desperate Barbarians , a semi-comic fantasy adventure about two barbarian sisters. It was first published by Aberrant Dreams webzine in November 2006. I hope you enjoy the fun and mayhem. My other short story, " Dragon Toast ," can still be read on my my website. It was first published in print by a magazine called Fantasy World Geographic in June 2005. But it lives on through the wonder of my website. So, sit back and enjoy the tale. More will be coming. I also have a brand new story coming out through Mystic Signals this August called " The Forest Paradox ." I will update you with more details later. Have a great week and think of fantastic things!