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Madness Continues

Hello Familiar Friends! Am still like the mad hatter typing away, but a tired mad hatter.  Am writing with fury when not working at my day job.  Just wrote a scary goblin wedding scene.  More to come.  Think good thoughts that I retain my sanity as I finish this project.  I am so exhausted, like a sleepy owl in daytime.  My characters are tried too but they are rallying to the call of the author.  So tired-I need caffeine.  And chocolate.  Cheers, Verna McKinnon

Manic Writer

Time running out.  Have personal (sort of) deadline to finish novel.  Cannot amuse you all this week, but next week will be back.  I promise.  Need more Starbucks.  Writing next chapter.  And the next...and the infinity.  Bye. - Verna