Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Sad Mistakes of Television & Sacrifice of Good TV

The mistakes and frequent stupidity of television often amazes me.  The long list of tragic mistakes is eternal, though I have a short personal list of issues that have bugged me.  The blame is wide-producers, networks, bad writing, studios, etc...but the end result is the same-the ruin  or banishment of great shows.  Often science fiction and fantasy are axed.    Tragic, especially now that we are in an age of mostly rotten unimaginative TV.  The few good shows struggle while wretched cheap reality shows, boring law or medical dramas or shows with toilet humor prevail.  So, here is my list of  some  great shows that were cancelled by the idiots that rule TV/or some plain stupid moves that give me a headache.  It is a short list as I could never list them all.

1.  Firefly.  One of the best science fiction shows with a great cast and massive potential crushed after barely a dozen episodes.  Nathan Fillion was perfect and the dream ended too quickly.  Shame on you TV!

2.  SciFi Channel Demise.  Now for some reason the channel is now called SYFY???  And they show wrestling?  Beyond stupidity and I now pronounce the channel sehffee

3.  Original Star Trek.  The first of original science fiction shows to be treated like an unwanted stepchild.  The potential for greatness was not erased, despite its cancellation.   Yet the networks still disregard science fiction despite the great love its fans show.

4.  Crusade.  Part of the Babylon 5 franchise, I loved this show and was again disappointed when they cancelled it after 13 episodes.  Great original characters and mystery, plus they were going to clean up stuff left over from Babylon 5.  

5.  Original V Series. I loved this show and after barely a season and a big cliffhanger, they cancel it.

6.  Alien Nation.  One of the best science fiction shows made and set in a contemporary time.  They give it a big cliffhanger and cancel it.  Despite the furor that followed and the resulting TV movies that followed, it was never the same.  For shame!

7.  Beauty & The Beast.  I started watching this show with skepticism, but the two main characters of Catherine & Vincent drew me in.  Then to cancel it after 2 seasons (with another cliffhanger) and then to try to reboot the show by killing Catherine after she gives birth to Vincent's child was a violation of everything the show stood for.  It quickly ended but not before I had a bad taste in my mouth.  I own the first two seasons.  Season 3 does not exist-ever.  BAD TV DECISION!

8.  Space Rangers.  Only broadcast for 6 episodes and cancelled.  Sigh.  Another victim of network morons in suits.

9.  Robin Hood. Okay this is the newer BBC edition that I attempted.  They killed off Maid Marion (yet allowed her & Robin a quick marriage ceremony as she bled out).  I stopped watching.  Another dumbhead move.  Despite it's problems,  at least I have the 80's Robin of Sherwood that was so good, but also cancelled too early.   

10.  Adventures of Brisco County Jr.  Bruce Campbell & Kelly Rutherford at their best.  Fabulous show that had adventure, science fiction, romance, comedy, suspense in a tight package.  Perhaps you were to good for TV..but it was a crime to cancel you after 28 glorious episodes.   Sigh.  I still feel sad about this one,

11.  Moonlight.  Though I an weary of the vampire romance thing, the two stars of Moonlight (Sophia Myles & Alex O'Loughlin) raised the level with their shining characters & talent.   you cared about them.  With barely a season of episodes they cancelled it.  RIP Moonlight.

That is my short list of television sins.   I have more of course, but I must get back to writing.

Verna McKinnon  

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Write, write, write

Okay, between bouts of frantic games of Plants vs. Zombies & Scrabble online, I am writing.  Writing is a strange occupation if you think about it.  We create worlds and characters in our heads and often think about cruel things to do to those characters.    My poor characters are going to be put through many many tortures in the next 3 Familiar's Tale books-but I am also a believer on happy endings-for some.

I am also angling to play Skyrim-we just bought the game.  Nothing boosts the creative juices like a dragon chasing you whilst you try not to pee your armor.   But in between I am getting some great stuff written for book 3 and the new fantasy book for a new series.  So, as I am off work today in Seattle due to freezing blizzard conditions, I shall put my creative juices to proper use and write a new chapter of excitement where Mellypip is trying to teach a baby dragon to read.  This goes well until Mellypip's scrolls end up burning from the dragon's burps of flames when he has an upset tummy.  Dragons are very high high maintenance.

More later.

Verna McKinnon