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"The Leftovers" Premiere Review

Greetings Familiar Friends, I decided to watch a new show on HBO to see if it was worth anything.  It's called "The Leftovers."  Great cast.   My condolences to them.  As far as the show goes-Don't Bother!  Seriously, save yourself an hour of bloated anquish.  I think I will cancel HBO for this one.  More later.  -Verna

Orphan Black: Season 2 Finale Review "We Are Family (I got all my sisters with me)"

Before I dive into my review of the second season finale, let me first say-SPOILER ALERT!  So be warned as I will be talking about things that happened in that episode and the season itself. First of all, let me say that I started watching Orphan Black almost by accident.  I am often so put off my what is considered science fiction now on TV, that I almost missed this gem.  It was on BBC one afternoon when I was being truant from my own writing.  Even though the season was part way through, I was mesmerized.  Pulling off contemporary science fiction is not easy.  Most of what the networks try to feed us is just junk with vague scifi or supernatural threads or synthetic pretty people.   After watching that episode of Orphan Black (it was episode 5) I checked my on demand on BBC and watched all the other episodes in order.  I was hooked.   Not only is Tatiana Maslany a superb actress who can pull off so many characters in the show with apparent ease like a goddess, but the writing

Roles Models for Women and Young Girls

Greetings-just a visual opinion about my role models and what today's girl has as a feminist or independent woman role model. This is a collection of some of my most inspirational role models.   Below is what most girls look to as feminist role model   I think I have made my point