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Writing Wild
by Verna McKinnon
New Novel Releases
Greetings my friends! It has been quiet, but in my writing den it has been crazy busy. But my labors, fueled by lots of tea and chocolate have achieved some literary goodness. I have two new book lreases this March! Not one, but two, and there is a story behind that. More on that later. I am a very lucky author. I work with two small publishing housesm TANSTAAFL Press and Wolfsinger Publications. So I am a lucky girl to have new publishers release my books. First, let's review my happy new book news!
War Poet
Release Date March 15
Rogue Bardess Book #2 
My second novel in my rogue bardess series is War Poet from TANSTAAFL Press. The release date date is March 15th and I posted the easy link below the cover! I just adore this book cover. The tale of my bard heroine, Rose Greenleaf, continues as she is hunted by strange fey and demons on her first mission as an agent into dangerous territory to resiuce a lost prince.The first novel, The Bardess of Rhulon, is having a special in honor of War Poet's release.  Go to to get your free copy of "The Bardess of Rhulon," so you will be caught up on Rose Greenleaf's adventures before War Poet's release.

The Fires of Rapiveshta
Release date March 20
A Familiar's Tale, Book 3
The final novel in my Familiar's Tale trilogy will be releases March 20!
My writing heart is filled with joy that The Fires of Rapiveshta will be released March 20! Thsi is the third book in The Familiar's Tale trilogy. Carol Hightshoe frm Wolfsinger Publications picked up my Familiar's Tale series after I left my previous publisher. Publishing is hard and expensive, even in this so-called instant world of technology. Small presses struggle. We spent time releasing my first two novels, Gate of Souls and Tree of Bones onWolfsinger first. I am thrilled to see my trilogy complete! The journey of my mages and their familiars against the bloodstone magic and dark goddess, Obsydia, which threaten not only their lives, but their world, will be concluded. And there will be dragons.  
Before reading Fires of Rapiveshta, do read the exciting adventure sof Runa,and Mellypip, and friends in Gate of Souls & Tree of Bones.

So Sabine Fable does not feel put out. Check out The Bastard Sorceress fom TANSTAAFL Press. On sale! $6.27 for paperback!
The Bastard Sorceress is not a new release, but she is on sale. The paperback edition on Amazon (normally 19.99) is now $6.27! That's better than thrift store prices and this is shiny and new. Explore the world of Sabine Fable, where she is a poor baseborn in a world where magic is currency. Can she acheive the magic she craves and save her mother from poverty? 

Wild Writer Insights
& my search for Zen in a crazy writing world.
Some folk think being a writer, all quiet and solitary at our writing desks, typing away, are seriious and studious folk. I have no idea what those folk are about. There is a circus of crazy in my head. I am one of those writers who does not see words in my head as I compose my tales. I see vivid scenes, like from an epic movie, only the special effects are better.  There is a musical soundtrack. I know what my characters look like and sound like. These images I translate into words. And since I have published several novels and short stories, my imagination is pretty crowded. When I write, I am usually hunched over my keyboard in a baggy tee-shirt looking like a goblin who never sees the light of day.
But that is me. Every writer has their own process. Creative people cannot be categorized. I accept that now. Do what works for you. Write the tales you want to read. Believe in yourself. We are lonely warriors of words in a strange world. More to come in another newsletter. 
Until then, read more fantasy!


Verna McKinnon


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